for everything

we've lost

and everything

we still have yet to find

lord, give us courage

courage to keep walking

though the way seems dark

and the end not in sight

lord, give us courage

courage to still hope

that we may say

nevertheless they persisted

lord, give us courage

courage to never cease

loving each other recklessly

heart surgery

tell me what you see,

when you walk through those doors,

opening into,

a speckled white hall,

sterile by demand,


but the doctors and,

nurses don't wear scrubs or coats,

and carry their knives,

instead of scalpels,

rusted from neglect,


and those misdiagnosed,

from a supposed cancer of heart,

are carted off,

to unsafe surgeries,

by their ignorance,


in operations,

patients are strapped down,

but not sedated,

because this hardship will,

improve their own health,


but above the haze,

of medical anesthetics,

these patients may or,

may not know their cancer,

is only a false prognosis,


and that the doctors,

want to excise their hearts,

for treason against,

their laws of medicine,

that haven't been passed,


so they now campaign,

for treatment to cure,

the newest disease,

they claim to have found,

a cardiac infection,


some people believe,

others will blatantly reject,

this innovation,

that leaves its patients,

with unnecessary scars,


because they trust them,

on a blind faith reserved for,

only superstition,

but what if it was,

really religion itself,


sponsoring incisions,

to carve out patients' hearts,

on misconceptions,

of what they can or can't,

feel or harbor within?



where do memories live?

in all the crevices of your long term memory,

where they’re crammed down,

waiting for a prompt from the temporal world,

to rouse them from the depths,

of the storage banks in your brain,

like worms tunneling towards the rain?


or perhaps fragments,

reside partially in the places they’re conceived,

where they lie latent,

waiting to be ushered back into the,

realm of conscious thoughts by,

the physical presence of one,

in the spaces where mind meets matter.