Featured Work

This is some of my best work and favorite pieces. I tend to stick my fingers into several different creative pools, so check here to see what I've been working on recently.



queer reflections

Recently, my headspace has been quite occupied with the different ways that queer media impacts our own experiences. I've written quite a few pieces now about specific pieces of queer media such as the Oscar-nominated Call Me By Your Name and the anime Yuri!!! On Ice and what they mean for queer people.


friendship series


Over the course of the summer of 2016, I spent a lot of time in contemplation over what love is and what friendship is. In this series, of posts I delved into some of those ideas, going beyond what American society and culture have to say about it and exploring what is at the core of these common, yet incredibly complex, notions.


broken iphone screens


I’ve always been fascinated with pieces of writing, whether entire books, poems, essays, etc. that are titled after one single line or scene from its body, so I played with that a little with this piece, using a shattered screen as my central metaphor.