Falling in Love

Stories like this are the reason that I'm still not sure exactly where I fall on the Side A/Side B split. It presents some of the challenges that go along with celibate partnerships and brings up a lot of good questions for people who are trying to figure out how to live their lives practically, not just with a one-size-fits-all theology that a lot of churches try to force on people. We need to remember that this isn't something that you can simply slap a Bible verse on and then send people on their way. Every aspect of your life is affected, and I think that's what so many conservative Christians, churches, and pastors don't understand. We aren't even sure how we're supposed to live, because we keep hearing so many things from so many different directions. So read this, and also understand that this is why I've learned to take everything that I hear from churches and pastors on LGBT issues with a grain of salt, because they haven't helped me or supported me in figuring out how I'm actually supposed to live and in the end all that matters is where I stand with God.