Take Me To Church

While I don't feel nearly the same way about the church as Hozier clearly does, I still think that what he is trying to say with this song and video is important for us as Christians to notice. Yes, the song does sound a little bit blasphemous. Yes, it does sound a little outrageous and a lot of Christians might possibly be offended by it, but I also think that it's an interesting perspective for us to take in.What does it say about us when people only recognize the church for what it is against and what it hates? What kind of message does that send about Christians? Seriously, just think about that for a little bit before you write it off as another figure in pop culture trying to tear down the church. This is how secular culture views the church, and that isn't good. I think that as Christians, we need to be part of the change, part of something that people don't fear or associate with hate. Just think about it.