The Godly Hearts Column: Christian AND Gay?!


I really love this post, and I can resonate with a lot of the experiences that this author described, including the fact that many of the author's Christian friends were accepting and loving of him. No matter how many times you tell people or how many people you tell, it still feels a little strange (or a lot strange) to have those words come out of your mouth, telling people that "I'm gay."And just like this author, I too, am single and a virgin, but I resonate a lot with just thinking that my faith and this part of me were incompatible and also how freeing it was to have God speak to me and say "maybe you should reexamine this part of your life. Listen to me, not what other people say." So, yes, I too am hoping that I'll be able to find a guy that will love me, but until then, I'm trying to remain satisfied in the Lord, just like straight people have to do until they find someone. Ah. I just really like this article a lot. God knew you before you even existed, and He loves you so much. God doesn't make mistakes. Just like this author, I don't have all the answers and a lot of what I'm writing here is personal experience, but I do believe that God is good and that He is loving. I'm just trying to share my experiences in the hopes that they will encourage others like me.