I'm Jonah


Words have always stirred up a certain something inside of me for as long as I can remember, whether it's the way the lyrics of a song make you feel, the way the prose in a novel has the ability to instantly transport you to another time, place, or world, or just the way these little blocks of letters seem to create magic when you string them together just right. Words have just been my thing.

Somewhere along the path of coming out as a queer Christian in world that said those two things were antitheses, I decided to put this love of words to work and write, to sort through my own thoughts, to document the journey, and to validate it and that of others, to remind and encourage people that they are loved and never alone in this world. Primarily a writer, I have a passion for any medium that lets you communicate and portray the emotions and experiences we all share as humans trying to make our way through this mess of life, connecting us through our commonalities to bridge our beautiful differences.

More than anything in the creative world, I have a heart for stories. I want to hear people's stories and I want to tell people's stories, because I believe that stories are what bind us together and break down barriers. If that's something that resonates with you, I want to hear from you. We'd probably get along well and end up swapping stories over some tea.

And if what you read here impacts you or has moved you in such a way that you might consider supporting me, you can find a way to do that here